850D2 Variant – Performance and Power

This twin-turbine powered helicopter is the ultimate model of utility helicopter. It has the enhanced safety of two engines and a great single engine performance that legally meets CAT A performance in most conditions for human sling hoist operations or external load ops in inner city environments.

The BK117-850D2 has bee designed witht he requirements of operational safety in mind. Whether flying over congested areas, landing at elevated heliports / hospitals, or just having the extra operational margin from a true Category A / Class 1 compliant machine, the BK117-850D2 delivers this with proven performance, reliability and efficiency.

Passengers 9 or 10
Pilots 1 or 2

Cruise Speed 130kts
Range 300nm
Altitude 17,000ft

Cabin Length – m
Cabin Height – m
Cabin Width – m
Baggage – cum